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The Place of Literature in Sufism

June 4, 2023 @ 5:45 pm 6:45 pm

Sufism is the science whereby purification of the soul, refinement of character and developing the inner and outer states can be recognised, so that a person can attain eternal bliss, rectitude of the ego, pleasure of the Lord of the worlds and attain His gnosis.

Traditionally this training was achieved by a unifying bond between the Sufi Master and disciple. Sufi Masters of the classical period believe that the true spiritual path cannot be traversed through books alone. Rather, the disciple must travel the path under the guidance of a true spiritual guide, using practical methods to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

So what is the role of literature in Sufism?

As a student of his father, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi, Zain ul-Abidin takes us through some of the traditional practices of Sufism and explains the ways in which literature can be used to support and complement this tradition, helping aspirants of the modern age.


Zain ul-Abidin is the son of the learned scholar and the distinguished Sufi sage, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi. Shaykh Muhammad is known by many in the UK as one of the leading propagators and teachers of Sufism and the spiritual path, having spent his whole life calling people to Allah and His Messenger. Zain ul-Abidin continues his father’s teachings and has expanded the reach through new channels, holding regular gatherings online, and is an integral part of expanding Sakina Publishing to new audiences.

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