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The Wisdom of Unani Tibb Workshop

June 3, 2023 @ 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

Unlocking Your Wellbeing: Exploring the Wisdom of Unani Tibb

Understanding yourself, your body, and your unique needs is the fundamental key to achieving balance, vitality, and contentment. Contrary to popular belief, this journey is far more straightforward than we might think.

In this workshop, we delve into the realm of traditional holistic medicine, which embraces a grounded, common-sense approach rooted in nature. Instead of working against your body, we empower you to work harmoniously with it.

This workshop invites you to tap into an ancient understanding that holds increasing relevance in today’s world. Facilitated by Ainsley Macadam, a renowned Unani Tibb Herbalist and Associate Naturopath, this transformative workshop equips you with essential tools to make informed decisions regarding the health and well-being of both yourself and your family.

Unani Tibb, an integral part of this workshop, draws on centuries of wisdom and knowledge. Rooted in the teachings of ancient Greek physicians such as Hippocrates and Galen, Unani Tibb combines traditional healing practices with an emphasis on natural remedies, diet, and lifestyle modifications. By incorporating Unani Tibb into our exploration, we gain a deeper understanding of holistic wellness and its application in our modern lives.

Through interactive sessions, enlightening discussions, and practical exercises, you will:

1. Explore the principles of Unani Tibb and how they can enhance your well-being.

2. Gain insights into your unique constitution and body type according to Unani Tibb.

3. Learn to listen to your body’s signals and interpret them in the context of Unani Tibb.

4. Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your health and that of your loved ones.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge to support your well-being journey and the confidence to implement positive changes aligned with your body’s requirements.

Join us on this enlightening expedition, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding, and unlock the secrets to a balanced, centered, and healthy existence.

Ainsley Macadam qualified as a Unani Tibb Herbalist in 2015 having trained under Hakim M. Salim Khan of CoMHA (College of Medicine and Healing Arts – Leicester) for 3.5 years. She went on to qualify as an hijama therapist at the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, as a colon hydrotherapist with The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy and as a Mizan Therapy Practitioner.

Ainsley is a registered associate naturopath with the General Naturopathic Council (GNC) and a member of The Guild of Unani-Tibb, the Mizan Foundation and ICAHT.

Entrance is FREE with registration on our EVENT BOOKING page.  Workshops will require a fee.